Welcome to Inside Lost Ember. From now on we will try to share new insights, screenshots and videos as often as possible.

Today we will start with the creation of the wolf and it's fur.

Check out the latest Indie Game Magazine! This time you can read about our progress in reworking the wolf and the growing team at Mooneye Studios. Also you can get some background informations how we met the guys from Solid Audioworks. Enjoy!

These are the kind of news we like to share more often:

Today the genius guys behind Solid Audioworks, Craig Connor and Will Morton announced that they will provide the audio and score for our latest project Lost Ember!

We also make a small appearance inside of the latest games™ magazine!

games™ 158

We made the cover of the new Indie Game Magazine! Well, not a full cover story with cover art and everything, but at least Lost Ember is mentioned ;) Read about new game design decisions and take a look at some new, awesome screenshots!

The year starts fresh with a new art style and new goals for the month! Read everything about our style decisions and a few struggles we had the last weeks in the new Indie Game Magazin.

Great news for you guys: the Indie Game Mag will accompany us in the development of Lost Ember (formerly Desire, don't be confused) and feature the game in their Game Watch segment! From now on you can read a new article about Lost Ember in every single issue of IGM, including some exclusive screenshots and development insights. 

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