After attending the Quo Vadis in April we went to our second convention: the MaGnology. A convention for anime, comic fans and gamers. Among other great indie developers we exhibited our recently released mobile game Super Carl and one of our brand new, soon to be released titles Bubblemon. Bubblemon was presented for the first to time to a public audience, so we were quite excited about the feedback.

A new month has started and that means it's time for another part of the game watch segment from the Indie Game Magazine. Again you can read about the latest developments on Lost Ember and Mooneye Studios.

Mooneye Studios are back in Hamburg after one week of Berlin and Quo Vadis. What a week! Quo Vadis was a great experience. We did meet a lot of amazing people, had the chance to present our games and got a lot of positive feedback. Can't wait to do this again next year! Here are some impressions!

Starting next week in Berlin the Quo Vadis 2015 will again bring game developers, game publisher and all kind of game enthusiasts together. The Quo Vadis is one of the top three European games industry conventions and has become Germany's biggest games industry-related conference. We are happy to announce that we will be part of Quo Vadis this year!

Normally we would be talking about Lost Ember on this blog but this time it's something else. We've been working on a mobile game called Super Carl before we started working on Lost Ember fulltime, but we always wanted to get Carl out there. Today we officially start the beta testing. If you want to be part of that just click on the link at the end of this post and join our beta testing group! Super Carl is for Android only.


The next volume of Indie Game Magazin is out. Lost Ember is still featured in the Game Watch segment. Get it now and you can read about the latest developments of Lost Ember and the development in and around Mooneye Studios.

We are taking part in the made Award 2015. It's a award especially given to young start-ups which are working in the digital market and are developing innovative products made in Germany.  Innovative? Young? Start-Up? This award has written Lost Ember all over it! But that's not all. As a part of our application we finally finished our first alpha promo video!


Recently some of us visited the CeBit 2015 at Hannover. Needless to say that it was a great day. We had the chance to talk to a lot of awesome people and were able to see some very interesting talks.

But certainly the best part was the interview we had at the mobilegeek booth where we were able to talk a little bit about us and of course Lost Ember.

For those who have missed it, right now the Game Developers Conference or short GDC is running. Thanks to our friends at IKinema, Lost Ember had a sneak preview at the Unreal Engine booth. Check out the video!

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